Why Regroup?
Regroup Questions?


Regroup is our automated reverse telephone call system for emergencies - everyone is encouraged to sign up for this system.  You can choose to receive notifications to a landline number or mobile telephone number.  If you provide a mobile telephone number and/or e-mail address, you can receive text messages as well.  It is recommended that you include your physical address during registration to take advantage of an additional feature which allows for neighborhood-specific alerts. 

Regroup alerts/notifications may be sent for the following reasons:

  • Conditions exist where affected members of the public could be or have the potential to be in immediate danger
  • There is an imminent potential for serious risk to life and property
  • Notification could aid in the apprehension of a criminal suspect
  • Notification could aid in the safe return of a lost child
  • Notification could aid in the safe return of a mentally, physically or emotionally challenged individual or an elderly patient (walk away from a nursing facility)
  • A large-scale public event, state of emergency, or severe weather
  • Conditions exist where traffic patterns and road access are affected
  • Time-sensitive information only when the dissemination of the information via alternative means of communication (e.g. municipal website or social media) will not be effective for rapidly informing the public

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