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Shrewsbury Community Garden Committee Meetings:

The Shrewsbury Community Garden Committee meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 11:00am.  Meetings which fall on a holiday will be held the following day at the same time. The Annual Re-Organization meeting was held by email this year.

Meetings are held at the Historical Society in the Municipal Complex.

Meeting Dates:

  Date Time
  01/10/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  02/14/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  03/14/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  04/11/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  05/09/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  06/13/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  07/11/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  08/08/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  09/12/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  10/10/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  11/14/2022 Monday 12:00pm
  12/12/2022 Monday 12:00pm

Committee Members: 

Pam MacNeill, Chairperson
Randy Mendelson, Secretary
Thomas Menapace, Treasurer
Judith Reuter, Publicity
Betsy Wattley, PAR Liason
Ken Martin, PAR Liason
Tina Behr, Garden Maintenance
Stu Minis, Perimeter Maintenance
Don Burden, Gardener Liason

Jackie Woehnker, Council Liaison