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**Special Municipal Court Notice**

Until Further Notice, the Shrewsbury Boro Municipal Court is scheduling Virtual Court Sessions.  Please contact the court office at (732) 842-2868 with your email address
and to receive
instructions on appearing by video.

Thank You


James E. Berube, Jr., JMC

Court Administrator: 

Megan Thomas, CMCA
(732) 741-4200 x100

Fax: (732) 842-3208

Violation's Clerk:  

Barbara McChesney
732-741-4200 x101

Office Hours: 

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm
Court: Held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

Traffic and Parking Summonses

Must be paid by the court date indicated on the front of the summons, unless you wish to plead NOT GUILTY, in which case you must notify the Court at least 5 days prior to the date on the summons, to schedule a Court Appearance


Tickets can be paid at the Violations Bureau during normal office hours, by mail or on the internet. Log on to and follow the instructions. Failure to respond to a summons by the date indicated can result in a $10 late fee being assessed, a warrant being issued and finally suspension of your driver’s license. If paying by mail and a receipt is required, a stamped, self addressed envelope must accompany the payment.

Mandatory violations and summonses marked “Court Appearance Required”

Not all tickets are payable. For summonses requiring a court appearance you should appear on the date indicated, or check with the Court if you are uncertain as to how to proceed. A Bench Warrant can be issued for failure to appear, followed by a license suspension.


If you have a mandatory ticket or criminal complaint that has gone into Warrant status, you must post bail and come to court.

If you have a payable ticket in warrant status and do not want to come to court, you can post bail and have it applied to the fines, cost and penalties by clicking on Bail Waiver. Print, complete and mail the form along with your bail check or money order. Upon receipt of same the warrant will be recalled. If you need a receipt for DMV you 
must send a stamped self-addressed envelope. These matters can also be handled at the Violations Bureau.

Criminal Complaint & Borough Ordinances

Most ordinances and all Title 2C violations require a Court Appearance and you should either appear on the date indicated or check with the Court if you are uncertain as to how to proceed. A Bench Warrant can be issued for Failure to Appear, followed by a license suspension.

Community Dispute Resolution Committee

We have a volunteer mediator trained by the AOC whose function is to find equitable solutions to non-violent neighborhood disputes. If an amicable agreement can be reached, the Judge will then dismiss the court action.