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Shade Tree Commission

Shade Tree Commission meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:30am at the Municipal Center, 419 Sycamore Avenue, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Commission Members                       

William Gerth, Chairman 
Stuart Minis, Member 
Douglas Keiper, Member 
Patrick Slattery, Member
Mary Russell, Member 
Larry Lobaugh, Member
Kim Doran Eulner, Council Liaison

Autumn Shade Tree Maintenance

Autumn is a terrific time to give attention to your trees and shrubs.  Three simple tasks can have a profound effect on the health and well-being of your landscape. 

Fertilization:  Trees expend energy to carry out their life cycle during the growing season. The stresses of summer drought, insect and disease pressures, and mechanical injuries drain resources available to trees. It is crucial this time of year to replenish the nutrients available in the soil through supplemental fertilization.  This will help the tree prepare for the harsh winter and provide the essential energy needed to break dormancy and start its spring push. 

Dead Wood Pruning:  Old man winter with snow, ice, and strong winds can take a toll on trees and pose a hazard to your property.  If your trees have any dead, broken, or weakly attached branches, now is the time to remove them.  It is a far better plan to prune your tree in a safe fashion on your terms rather than have limbs break off in a storm potentially causing property damage or personal injury.  Homeowners can usually deal with small lower branches that they can reach from the ground; however, homeowners should always use a professional for more difficult, dangerous jobs.  Never attempt to climb or use a power saw in a tree unless qualified to do so.  Also, cabling and bracing of certain branches and leaders can be prudent as well with the help of a professional.    

Sanitation: In addition to giving your property a clean organized look, raking and disposing of leaves provides a greater benefit.  We saw a very bad outbreak of a leaf fungus called ash rust this year on ash trees in Shrewsbury.  The fungus can overwinter on the leaves, and if left in proximity to susceptible trees when the weather is right in the early spring, it can come back to life and infect the new season’s leaves, starting the whole cycle over again.  This same cycle is repeated with fungi on numerous tree species such as apples, pears, hawthorns, quince, and serviceberries.  Dead foliage can also harbor overwintering insects or their eggs, which are detrimental to the health of trees.  So, round up those leaves and get them out of the neighborhood.  

There are many professional landscapers and tree care firms that serve our area that can help you achieve these tasks and make more specific recommendations based on your unique needs.  When hiring a company to carry out any tree services, we always suggest using an ISA Certified Arborist or, better yet, a NJ Licensed Tree Expert.  Ask for and check certifications.  Professionals are more than happy to furnish this documentation.    

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your trees or landscape, please contact a member of the Shade Tree Commission (STC) or stop by our monthly meetings held in the Borough Municipal Complex at 8:30am on the second Saturday of each month.   

It is the duty of the Shade Tree Commission to advise and consult with the Mayor and the Council on all matters relating to the planting, control, care, protection, improvement and removal of shade and ornamental trees or shrubbery situated on and along any public street, highway, park, parkway or public place within the Borough of Shrewsbury. The power and authority of the Shade Tree Commission are articulated within Shrewsbury Code, Article XVIII—3-121.

The Shade Tree Commission meets monthly, the second Saturday of the month, 8:30am. at the Municipal Center, 419 Sycamore Avenue.  Special meetings of the Shade Tree Commission can be called by the Mayor, Council Liaison, or Chair of the Commission. To contact any members of The Shade Tree Commission, please leave a message with  the Municipal Clerk's Office at 732-741-4200 x107.

Shrewsbury has achieved “Tree City U.S.A.” status since 1998. The Commission also participates in community Arbor Day events held annually on the last Friday of April. The Shade Tree Commission works closely with the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment and the Environmental Commission on a variety of issues.