Shrewsbury, New Jersey Department of Public Works is located at 90 White Road.  Hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Saturdays – All Year
Tel: 732-741-0522         

Fax: 732-741-4545


D.P.W. Manager: Ronald Neis,
To contact the Dept. of Public Works click here


*******To Report a pothole scroll down and fill out form*******



All items must be placed out curbside by 6 am day of pickup


NOTICE: Unauthorized dumping of any materials or debris on Borough property is prohibited by local ordinances. Such properties include but are not limited to the Municipal Complex, Recycling Center, Parks and Ball fields, Compost Facility and Patriot Island.


Household and Bulk Trash


Zone 1: Highway 35 and all streets west of highway 35 including, Avenue at the Common, Winding Brookway, Blades Run Dr., Meadow Dr. east, Brady Road, Thornbrooke Drive, Dorn Drive, Campbell Ct.,  and Adams Way.

Zone 2: All streets east of highway 35 except those streets listed above


Household Trash

Notice:Household Trash should be in trash cans with secure lids weighing no more then 50 pounds

Zone 1: Mondays and Thursdays
Zone 2: Tuesdays and Fridays


Recycling Schedule
On Holidays or Snowstorms collection will be the next scheduled pick up day. 


All recycling will be collected on Wednesday; this includes newspapers, bottles and cans, plastics (#1 and #2), junk mail (mixed paper) and cardboard. All items are to be placed curbside on the proper Wednesday. All recycled material may be intermixed in the same can, not to exceed 50lbs per can.


ZONE 1 – EVERY Wednesday


ZONE 2 EVERY Wednesday


RECYCLING PAD Hours of Operation:  7 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday.  Saturday 8 AM to Noon – All Year


Your out-of-date Yellowbook is 100% recyclable.  Learn more at


Brush and Leaf Collection

(Brush and Leaves must be separated. Advise your landscaper -

Combination piles will not be picked up!)

Brush and Leaves are recyclable materials. They should be placed curbside SEPARATELY for collection. DO NOT bag leaves. All brush must be cut to a maximum of 6-foot lengths. To keep storm drains clear and prevent flooding during rainy weather, leave a space between the curb and the leaves/brush. No brush may be placed curbside after 7:00 am on your last scheduled pick up day in October.


Brush and Leaves will be collected following the schedule below:
Brush will be collected April through October; Leaves will be collected April through June and September through December. Do not put brush or leaves out at any other times


Sunnybank Drive, Paddington Farms, Elm Lane, Willow Court, Old Farm Road and Silverbrook Road - First Monday of Month

Corn Lane, Broad Sreet, Marc Court, Williamsburg Drive, Azalea Lane and Strauss Drive - First Tuesday of Month

East End Avenue, West End Avenue, Court Drive, Crest Drive, Park Avenue, N. Park Avenue, Shady Lane - Second Monday of Month

Colonial Drive, Buttonwood Drive, Garden Road, Beechwood Drive, White Street, James Street, Borden Street, Robinson Place, Parker Place and Sickles Place. - Second Tuesday of Month

White Road, Monroe Avenue, N. Monroe Avenue, Constitution Drive, Heritage Drive, Patterson Avenue, Glorney Street, Allen St, Alameda Court, Birch Drive, Spruce Drive, Patterson Court and Quaker Way. - Third Monday of Month

Trafford Street, Francis Street, Laurel Street, Haddon Avenue, Thomas Street. Henry Street, Newman Springs Road, Shrewsbury Avenue, Riordan Place, Yale Blvd., Dartmouth Way, Princeton Ct., Harvard Way - Third Tuesday of Month

Meadow Drive, Brady Road, Shadowbrook Drive, Maple Lane, Queen-Anne Drive, Obre Place and Samara Drive. - Fourth Monday of Month

Sycamore Avenue, Winding Brook Way, Blades Run Drive, Ave at the Commons, Beechtree Lane, Thornebrook Drive and Adams Way, Campbell Ct., Dorn Dr.- Fourth Tuesday of Month


Grass clippings will not be collected at anytime. Thatch will be collected Second and fourth weeks in March and October. Call D.P.W. before placing separately at curbside.


To contact DPW, fill out form below and hit send. To report a pothole on a Shrewsbury street, please fill out the form below.  Please do not include State or County Roads (Sycamore Avenue, Shrewsbury Avenue, and Broad Street.  See message on the right column for these roads.)  


**New Bulk Trash & Electronics** **Recycling Schedule**

Bulk trash will now be collected EVERY Thursday for Zone 1 and EVERY Friday for Zone 2. Please note that ONLY THREE (3) Bulk items, per household, can be put out for bulk on these days.  If you leave more than 3 items, only 3 items will be picked up.  You will be responsible to remove the extra items from the curb until the next pickup.There will not be any other bulk pickups during the year. If you are in need of a major bulk pickup, call DPW and schedule a dumpster.  All metal will be collected separately.  It will be picked up on the last working day of the month by appointment only.  Please call DPW at 732-741-0522.  If snow is covering bulk trash, it must be cleared of snow before pickup or it must be taken off the street. Electronic recycling is now MANDATORY. Please do not put electronic items out for trash or bulk pick up as they will not be collected. The following is a list of electronic items that must be recycled: Computers, Stereo Components, CPU’s, Televisions, Keyboards, Radios, Mouse, Cameras, Monitors, Telephones, Scanners, Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines, Cables, VCR’s, Laptops, DVD Players, and Peripherals. You must make an appointment to recycle your electronics by calling the DPW office at 732-741-0522.


If you have any questions please contact DPW at 732-741-0522


Additional Materials not collected for bulk include:
Lumber, Tile, Concrete, Wallboard, Paneling, Fencing, and other Construction Related Materials, Tires, Car Batteries or Propane Tanks.  Call D.P.W. for information on how to dispose of these items

Roll-Off Container Service

Roll off container service is available to Borough residents for disposal of construction debris and demolition materials. This service is ONLY for residents who perform their own work, it is not available to contractors. The roll off container is an 18 cubic yard container and must be placed in your driveway. The Borough is not responsible for damage done to your driveway during loading or unloading of the container. The cost for use of the roll off container is $75.00 for the container and you are responsible for the dumping cost’s which are calculated by the ton at the prevailing rate. You will be billed by the Borough and copies of the receipts for the dumping fees will be provided.

Call the D.P.W. for a list of materials that can be put in the container and to schedule an appointment.


Household Hazardous Waste Information

  • Do not place any chemicals in household trash

  • Paints, solvents, stains, fertilizers, or any other type of chemicals are not collected by the borough D.P.W. and must be disposed of properly at the Monmouth County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. (732) 683-8686.

  • Propane cylinders are not accepted curbside or at the recycling center. They can be taken to Red Bank Recycling at 64 Central Avenue Red Bank.

  • Household batteries (dry cell batteries) must be recycled. Please deposit in the appropriate bins at the recycling center. Car batteries are not accepted curbside or at the recycling center. They can be taken to Red Bank Recycling at 64 Central Avenue Red Bank.

  • Used motor oil will be accepted at the borough recycling center for residents only Monday through Friday please call to make an appointment identification must be presented. No more then 5 gallons per appointment please.

  • How to Report Potholes!
    Shrewsbury cannot fix potholes located on state and county roads and they must be reported to the governmental agency responsible for the road. Route 35/Broad St - Please follow this link to the NJ Pothole Reporting Form and fill out the requested information or call 1-800-Pothole and press 2.  Newman Springs Rd, Sycamore Ave & Shrewsbury Ave - Please call the Monmouth County Pothole Hotline at 732-431-6550


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