Line and Administrative Officers

John J. Merris, Chief

Edward Magenheimer, First Assistant Chief

Peter L. Gibson, Second Assistant Chief


Peter Meyer, President

Robert Wentway, Vice President

Noelle Tyler, Secretary

Brent A. MacConnell, Treasurer


John P. Merris, Chief Engineer

Ronald A. Neis, First Asst. Engineer

Robert Wentway, Second Asst. Engineer

Michael Ernst, Third Asst. Engineer


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7239
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702


Phone Numbers
Fire House.....................732-842-9410



783 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Residents with flooded basements should have main electrical breaker shut off and have an electrician inspect the service before the utility is turned back on. Similar steps should be taken if gas appliances are flooded as well.

Call JCP&L at 1-800-436-7734 FREE to report power outages.

Membership Information

To become a member of the Shrewsbury Hose Company #1 you must be a resident of the Borough of Shrewsbury or be a certified N.J. firefighter and work within the Borough of Shrewsbury. Applications can be picked up at the Borough Clerk's office or can be obtained by calling the fire chief and requesting an application.Once membership is established all members are required to attend the Monmouth County Fire Academy. This is a 13-week training course, which will provide you with all the required training to be an unpaid professional. The course takes place on the weekends, and you can choose which day (Saturday or Sunday) you would like to go. There are also yearly training requirements, which are provided, to the membership in house.Becoming a member of the Shrewsbury Hose Company #1 is a great way to help the community and to make new friends and let's face it a great way to fulfill a childhood dream.


Fund Drive

The Shrewsbury Hose Company's annual fund drive is held during the month of May every year. Letters are mailed with a description of the past years events including man-hours and number of calls answered. A self-addressed envelope is provided for your convenience.

Many people ask why we have a fund drive if the borough provides us a budget? The answer would be that we are a volunteer fire department and there are many things that are not provided for in our budget. Such as building maintenance, grounds maintenance, and some equipment repair. Your generous contributions assist us in performing many activities beyond what the Borough supports.


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