Canvassers that are presently approved by the Clerk's Office:

Please see the following for more information regarding our Canvassing ordinance:



Concerned about Canvassers?

All Residents are encouraged to ask solicitors for proof of Borough approval which will be in the form of a certification letter signed by our Clerk, Maureen L. Muttie. If the solicitor does not have this approval, we encourage you to contact the Police Department at 732-741-2500. If you wish to deter any solicitations, please post a small sign/notice stating “no solicitations”.

Approval by the Clerk’s Office and the Police Department is required of anyone soliciting or canvassing in the Borough of Shrewsbury. Exemptions exist for our police, volunteer fire and first aid personnel, children 18 or younger representing any of the following groups: Boy/Girl Scouts, local grammar/high school educational fundraisers, local recreation/travel sports teams. Please note that under Federal Law we are not allowed to deny a solicitation request from a non-profit organization as long as our requests for proof of exempt status and a list of volunteers, is provided. Federal Law allows them to canvass up until 9:00 p.m. “For- profit” organizations/individuals must meet several requirements under Borough Code - Chapter 132; a current Borough Business License, a satisfactorily completed background check including fingerprinting.


All solicitors need to follow our Borough Code of Conduct, which involves removing themselves from any premises immediately after being asked to leave or yielding to a sign stating “no solicitation”.

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