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Drug Free NJ

The Shrewsbury Community Alliance develops comprehensive preventive programs focusing on alcohol and drug abuse, bullying prevention and other social issues impacting the Shrewsbury community.  In addition, the Shrewsbury Community Alliance promotes safety, wellness and community enhancement programs.  The Shrewsbury Community Alliance coordinates these efforts by engaging concerned residents, members of the Shrewsbury Borough School, local law enforcement, local businesses, and community groups for the purpose of strengthening community awareness.

The Shrewsbury Community Alliance meets every 2nd Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Center.


Commission Members Position
Nikki Barreca/Rayna Eyerman Co-Chairman
Jeff DeSalvo Council Liaison
Judge James Berube Court Representative
Chief Louis Ferraro Police Liaison
Officer Jessica Boyd (DARE) Police Liaison
Lisa Barnes BOE Liaison
Marisa Shaheen, Guid. Counselor Admin Liaison
Angela Koetzner Resident
Beth Layton Resident
Trisha Gandolfo Resident
Jennifer Martelli Resident



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